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Thread: C650 GT Faulty Trip Computer

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    C650 GT Faulty Trip Computer

    Hi all

    I bought a C650GT here in the UK last September which I use for my 40 mile round trip commute into central London - it does a lot of the things I was looking for in terms of weather protection (although I traded from an R1200R and perversely my feet are noticeably cooler now they're not sheltered directly behind the cylinders), day to day load lugging and general ease of use around town. Still haven't quite got the knack of heaving it on to the centre stand without developing a hernia, both the R and my previous RT seemed much easier in this respect.

    I have had one persistent issue since Day 1 - the trip computer functions randomly - every 3rd or 4th journey the bike fails to register distance travelled on each of the trip computers (including the miles used since fuel warning light feature) although the odometer still records the distance travelled. I've yet to use a full tank of fuel without this happening at least once. Had hoped to get it solved by way of some form of software update at the inspection service last November but no joy, and on chasing the dealer this week have been told that BMW have identified the fault and are developing a software solution that will be released by the end of May. The bike's still more than fine in other respects but its definitely not a cheap purchase in the UK so for it to come with a fault which won't get resolved until 8 months after purchase (and I suspect no guarantee at this time that this will be resolved by the end of May, merely an intention to resolve) is an issue for me.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue - I'm lead to believe it may be common (so exchanging my current bike for another one isn't therefore a solution). Interested to know.



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    Haven't noticed but I'll watch my computer the next few journeys and see.

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    I have not had that problem. I've had my C650GT for nine days with no problems. Hope you can get the problem solved quickly.

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    Thanks - I usually notice it's happening when the average mpg readout starts to nosedive - the bike's recording the fuel consumption but not the distance travelled. Reset the 2nd trip computer after the first service , odometer shows a further 949 miles travelled but the trip computer has only recorded 725 of these as of this evening. As my journey distance is pretty uniform that seems consistent with my general observation that it happens roughly every fourth trip (so at least once every other day when commuting on average).

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