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Thread: Looking for a solo seat for my g/s

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    Looking for a solo seat for my g/s

    Hey folks,
    Been trying to find a way to carry my dog more securly on my g/s and find the dual seat a bit lacking for his carrier tie down straps. I want to try the solo seat to at least have something solid to tie down to. I don't care the condition or price...just needs to be solid. Let me know

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    R100 GS?.... if so:

    To mount a solo seat you also need the extension rack. I have an extra seat but not an extra rack, Maxbmw has them listed for 139
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    Nope, the R80g/s is a whole different animal. I have the r100gs rack and it does not even come close to fitting.

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    Might be good in your original post, profile, or in some way, identify not only your type and style of bike/motorcycle/scooter; but in this case the type or breed of animal, in this case a "dog", you intend to carry with you. Sure makes it easier as a responder to know just a bit more to give an intelligent answer and might save you from coming back with a style of communication that works in a user friendly environment........Merry Christmas and God bless..........Dennis

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    I have a cairn terrier who has been accustomed to riding on my KLR and it's massive rack. I really only have one ass so decided the KLR had to go leaving me with the g/s. I already have a good option to carry him...just need a decent rack to tie him to. I did at one point drop an r100gs subframe, seat/rack, tank onto the g/s but the weight increase was disgusting so went back to the stock g/s arrangement.

    So....don't need advice on the carrier....just need a seat . Then again if someone has a RoadHound carrier

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