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The link seems to work fine for me.
It says see the first post, and subscribe to this thread.
If you do that, you will see Sold Out; Expect to have more first of June.
So you must wait.
If I recall correctly he did not want to be contacted a lot, perhaps he is like a mad scientist.
So let me see if I follow this. In order to buy this tool I first go to ADV and sign up. Done. Then I go to the thread that talks about it and "subscribe" to it. Done. At this point I have no more actual knowledge of how to purchase this tool than before I began. Now I wait until sometime in June, and at that point Grok will email me, and everyone else who "subscribed" to that thread to let them know he has made a few more of these. Am I right so far? Then we all rush to email him back in a sort of lottery where he picks out some names and they get the tool, I guess mailed from an unknown address. If we aren't one of the lucky few who are picked, we start the process over again. Am I missing any of the critical steps here?

I see now why even after three pages on this thread, repeated requests, and the thread on ADV, no one can actually produce an email or USPS address for this guy. I don't think he has published either one. Kind of odd for someone trying to sell a rather specialized item to a small group of people for a healthy amount of money.

I need patience? Yeah, a good amount of it. But I've rebuilt a run down Airhead so I have plenty of that. I'm sure it is a good tool, but given the amount of trouble it is to get one, I am beginning to question how many of us actually own one. I suspect the majority of owners don't think this is worth it. I know I personally am going to do some serious research on alternatives. Might as well, as it looks like it could be a murky, and long time frame to even get a chance to spend $140 for the Harmonizer.