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Thread: Integral case lock maintenance

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    Unhappy Integral Case latch maintenance?

    I have a '95 R100RT w/ Integral Cases. My latches have a tendency to not completely slide/pop open to release the cases from my side racks. I have tried WD40, Silicone spray, and bicycle chain lube wax, all with less than satisfactory results. What is the best method and product to keep them lubricated so they actually slide open properly?
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    I also have the 95 R100RT with the cases and have similar difficulty. After trying all the oils and lubes, my conclusion is that it is the locks that are cheaply made and the cases badly engineered. I find that when I hang the cases on the frames, if the long slot/hook on top of the case is not seated exactly and lined up front to back, the latches won't close no matter what. I also have had a lock literally come apart in my hands when trying to unlock it with the key.

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