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I followed that thread and the last post mentioned that BMW had indicated synthetic for the camheads, but nothing about 20W-50.

By the way, here are the approved oils listed in the manual:

Engine oil
Engine oil, capacity max 1.1 gal (max 4.0 l), with filter change
products recommended by BMW Motorrad and generally permissible viscosity classes
SAE 5W-40, API SF/ACEA A2, or better ≥-4 ??F (≥-20 ??C)
SAE 5W-≥50, API SF/ACEA A2, or better ≥-4 ??F (≥-20 ??C)
SAE 10W-40, API SF/ACEA A2, or better ≥14 ??F (≥-10 ??C)
SAE 10W-≥50, API SF/ACEA A2, or better ≥-4 ??F (≥-20 ??C)
SAE 15W-≥40, API SF/ACEA A2, or better ≥32 ??F (≥0 ??C)

My dealer used BMW 15W-50 synthetic at the 600 mile service on my '12 RT. I asked many questions then determined if this is due to a change that BMW has made I will go along with it. If for no other reason to ensure I don't have challenges for warranty claims down the road.

The dealer appeared to be flexible and would have used dino if I preferred. I am at about 3k miles now and the bike has used almost a full quart since the 600 mile service. I have been keeping impeccable records and will present them to the dealer at the next service point, although I do plan on performing the service on my own.

I hope this helps.