I know, an oil thread, but help me out. Three weeks ago I took my new RT in for the 600 mile service. I assumed that turning your bike over to the dealer for service would result in the service being performed as prescribed by BMW. A couple of days ago I was reading the owners manual and looked over the approved/recommended oils for my new bike. I noticed that, unlike my previous '07 RT, 20W-50 was not listed as an approved oil for the new engine. However, "4 quarts BMW 20W-50 bulk" is what was listed on the invoice as being installed in my bike. If 20W-50 is still ok for the newer engines, why would it not be listed in the owner's manual? And if it's not, shouldn't I have been advised prior to service that the dealer was going to install a product different than that which is recommended?

Should I drain what was put in there and install what's recommended? Am I obsessing about something not really important? I just am concerned about starting the bike on 20 degree mornings with heavy oil since cold starting is the most wearing thing on an engine.

So, change the oil? Or get over it. I have 400 miles on the oil but the coldest days are still coming.