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Thread: 2013 R1200RT Sirius radio questions

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    2013 R1200RT Sirius radio questions

    First post here so please be gentle‘«™
    I purchased a 2013 R1200RT about 2 months ago, great bike!!!! I decided to also purchase the BMW helmet communication system. Everything is working well, AM/FM, IPOD but when listening to Sirius radio it is very distorted. It sounds over driven even at low volumes. Are there any adjustments for this?
    Also, I find when I first turn on the bike, Sirius is always in preview mode no matter what channel I am on. Change the channel and it starts working. I am still on the free 1 year subscription which may be the issue. Thoughts?
    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    RE: 2013 R1200RT Sirius radio questions

    I'm not sure about the distortion problem, mine does always start in preview mode however.
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    RE: 2013 R1200RT Sirius radio questions

    Thanks for the help!! Good to know that‘«÷s ‘«£normal‘«ō. Still trying to figure out the distortion. Thought I might have flipped on the loudness setting but nope. Will keep looking.
    Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cburtis View Post
    but when listening to Sirius radio it is very distorted.
    Did you turn down the bass boost? I have found the bluetooth to be very bad when you don't have the bass turned down to -5 or so...

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    I have not and will try that next. The odd thing is that Ipod and FM radio sound OK.
    Will give it a try. Thanks!

    BTW, if anyone is interested and given IDisposable‘«÷s name, I am using an Iphone5 with the Apple lightning to 30pin adaptor into the BMW apple adaptor. Seems like a pile of adaptors but it works fine. Also, I use Itunes match. The BMW audio system will only ‘«£see‘«ō music which has been physically downloaded to the Iphone. Make sense. It works well for me as I can add music on the fly while eating lunch or whatever.

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