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Thread: Scooting to the Rally

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    Scooting to the Rally

    Who else is planning to hit the rally in July (Salem, Oregon State Fairgrounds July 18-20)? Hoping not to be the only scooter there, and if I'm not, we should have a scooter get together!

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    My wife and I from SE AZ. I will be on my 1600GTL and she will be on her Sport.

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    Excellent, that's two of us so far! (Hopefully there'll be more, but in the worst case, it should be easy to get a spot in the beer garden for a group this size. )

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    Scootin' to the Rally

    Jim and others,
    I have an R1100RT and a Yamaha T-Max scooter. Bought the scooter in 2012 and am selling the RT. am conaidering going to the rally and would be tanking the T-Max. I live in Scotts Valley (just outside of Santa Cruz, Ca).
    Would love to travel with others, especially folks with scooters
    2000 R1100RT, Opal Blue 87,000 miles
    57,000 BMW miles in 6 years

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    I'm surprised you haven't seen my 650 parked over at Verve! Sounds like a plan. (And we should get coffee or lunch in the meantime - PM me!)

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