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Thread: Your First Bike? (the pedal kind...)

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    first bicycle

    First Bike? Got me thinking, and being 65+ years ago I‘«÷m sure this may not be accurate? But as I remember and doing a little research. I think my first bike was a ‘«£V‘«ō bike, mostly a Columbia Vg 295, or after checking the web this is what I remember it looking like. I sure I was second/third owner it was paint pain black with no badges. I surely do remember the skinny tires. But then Christmas 1950 my dad purchased for me a new Western Flyer bike Green with Chrome tank and a horn. I was on proud puppy. How for the rest of the story in January, I had a friend mention that ‘«£Benny Bunch‘«ō had a Whizzler motor for sale and I thought Hummm. Well one faithful Saturday I pedaled over to Benny‘«÷s struck a deal for $10.00 including installation. Throw away the Chrome tank chopper up the rear fender and off I rode home. Been on two motorized wheels ever since. In fact the next winter February 15th to be exact I purchased my first MOTORCYCLE a 250 Indian Brave. Then the list goes on!
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    I was 6, big for my age, and ready for a 2-wheeler. I grew up on a farm, very rural. My dad picked up a 20 inch standard bike from the local Coast-to-Coast hardware store. It was red, and was a "Coast King". No training wheels for me, by brother took me to a small hill, gave me a push, and whoosh! Away I went.

    Rode it that way for a couple of years, then as was in style in the 60's, we bought a banana seat and high rise handlebars, and converted it to a "stingray". As the years went by, I outgrew that bike, but it was never thrown or given away. Many years later, when we visited my parents, my dad had a local kid give the old bike a tuneup, and my own son rode it while we visited.
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    My first bike was a 24" wheels, red & white one from the local hardware store. Thirty five years ago, a built up a touring bike and ended up traveling all around the country including Mexico and Alaska on it. It really did create an interest in motorcycling later in life. The most miles I managed on that bicycle in 24 hours was 200 (double centuries). Now I can cover more ground in less time with a whole lot less effort.

    BTW, I still have the bike and it does get used regularly... Good stuff lasts a long time...
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    Just finished restoring a 84-85 DiNucci. This hand built steel frame bike was crafted by Mark DiNucci of Portland Oregon. It has tubes running inside the frame tubes to provide internal cable routing. The hot metallic eggplant paint is original and the frame construction is art. The vintage Campy groupo is mostly old parts that came off a bike I broke long ago. I put lots of elbow grease into the polishing. A local shop, Sellwood Cycle Repair, helped with the rest of the parts.
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