First Bike? Got me thinking, and being 65+ years ago I‘«÷m sure this may not be accurate? But as I remember and doing a little research. I think my first bike was a ‘«£V‘«ō bike, mostly a Columbia Vg 295, or after checking the web this is what I remember it looking like. I sure I was second/third owner it was paint pain black with no badges. I surely do remember the skinny tires. But then Christmas 1950 my dad purchased for me a new Western Flyer bike Green with Chrome tank and a horn. I was on proud puppy. How for the rest of the story in January, I had a friend mention that ‘«£Benny Bunch‘«ō had a Whizzler motor for sale and I thought Hummm. Well one faithful Saturday I pedaled over to Benny‘«÷s struck a deal for $10.00 including installation. Throw away the Chrome tank chopper up the rear fender and off I rode home. Been on two motorized wheels ever since. In fact the next winter February 15th to be exact I purchased my first MOTORCYCLE a 250 Indian Brave. Then the list goes on!