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    Motorcycle Lifts

    I have a 83 r100rs and a pitbull lift.At americade they told me they stay in close contact with BMW and BMW said it was ok to lift the bike using the lift under the oil pan with no damage to the bike.Has anyone tried it?Any comments appreciated.

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    Talking Lifts

    Don, most of the lifts of this type that I have seen have adapters that will adjust to fit the 'frame'. The ones that don't and reley on the pan have all seemed unstable to me. Air head pans are relitivly narrow. My buddy just got a SEARS lift that looks pretty good and I have concidered the one at SAMs Club but cant justfy it with my Handy Lift. a lot of the guys use wooden tables or full size lifts but I dont know of any AirHeads that use the small ones.
    OK, thats enough of my ranting , hope it helps some.
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