My first post in November was about my 1995 R100RT Classic and its 4yr old battery that suddenly crapped out, an event, the timing of which, made me take a serious look at the entire charging system and its limitations. The battery WAS old and I shouldn't have been surprised when it died, but now I am left wondering should I update the 280 Watt system to a 450 Watt kit ($600 +), renew the present system or leave it alone? Do I fix what ain't necessarily broken? Has dry rot begun to set in? A previous bike was an 82 Honda 750VF Sabre; a terrific machine except the electrical system began failing in expensive episodes. I couldn't afford it and sold it for parts. In the 3 yrs I've owned the RT I have had to replace the regulator but otherwise it's been trouble free. I've been spooked by electrical systems ever since. I'm not looking to accessorize the RT, but I don't want to be stranded on the road with a dead battery either.