I ordered the metal quick disconnect fittings from Beemer Boneyard last week. Today was the first day I had to work on the bike. I installed the new parts and I have no more leaks!

I also ordered 2 dozen viton o rings for future use. They came in a nice zip lock bag so they should last a good long time. I will change the o rings every time I disconnect the fuel lines.

I examined the BWM QD that was leaking. It was a replacement for the original plastic QD and has a metal male and plastic female part. It did not come apart smoothly as it should so I assume it wasnt sealing properly and that is probably the reason for the leak.

I didn't know BB gave a MOA discount, will have to remember that for the future.

I had to get the bike back together so I can get my car back in my heated garage. I will try making a drain hose next spring when I dont mind leaving the car out in the snowy driveway.

Thanks for all the good tips.