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Thread: Forum style choices

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    Forum style choices

    Dear IT guys:

    I'm finding the new format very difficult to read.
    Somebody said it looked "washed out" which describes it perfectly.

    Would it be possible to add some style choices to the lower left 'Style chooser' box?

    Mike Marr
    1978 Yamaha XS750 (Needs rings), 1996 BMW R1100RS, 2004 Honda CRF230F

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    Mike -

    I'm sure in time, that will be possible. Right now, we're just barely back from the brink. Give it some time and we'll see about getting new skins. Thanks...
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    I second the washed out icons. Maybe should have looked at what some other popular bike sites do before coming up with the current scheme. Another suggestion would have been to go with different symbols, as not everybody sees some colours.
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