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Thread: Dec. 2012 Forum up-grade, Flea Market changes, Security Warnings

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    Dec. 2012 Forum up-grade, Flea Market changes, Security Warnings

    Well, as those who regularly visit the Forum know, it's been a busy December. We have had a Forum Software Package up-grade and things are a bit different than in the past.
    As there have been many questions as to "Where is the Flea Market" and "I used to look here- for that", along with "My anti-virus software says the MOA is a reported attack site", I thought I'd put together a few of the threads that would help explain things.
    Once again I would like to thank all those on the IT side of things and The Mod Team. I would also like to thank the Members for their Patience.
    ::<< EDIT >>:: I started this at around 06:35 this morning and all was going pretty well. Unfortunately some have chimed in with some fairly negative comments, these have been included. I'd only hope to guess that because of the unhappy members not being involved with this type of enormous challenge due to the interwoven complexities of the MOA site- it's just venting.

    12-24-12 Flea Market update- It's up,(thanks Kurt) it's in the main forum area. It's for members only viewing so log in and take a peek. If your not a member, you can join and get the full benefits of the forum. Enjoy. The New in the Forum Flea Market re. flea market re. flea market re. flea market!!!! re. virus error and forum blocked messages re. member communication re. continuation of Tapatalk thread re. forum icon colors re. forum "style" choices re. forum blocked re. button to access Home Page from forum. re. search function re. forum log on trouble/virus warning/browser cookies.
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