I've purchased a used 2003 R1100s Randy Mamola Replika with 15,800 miles. Overall condition very good. Only things I've seen that give me pause are:

1. Side body cover with areas of heat damage at the points closest to the cylinder head. Is this the burning rubber smell? Although I made some rides before replacing the muffler and did not experience this odor.

2. I just replaced the stock dual muffler with a Laser slip on that was apparently taken off a 2004 when it was still new because the original owner wanted a different exhaust. So Laser muffler has been sitting at a BMW motorcycle dealership since 2003.

My first ride after replacing mufflers when I pull in to the garage I smell a 'burning rubber' like odor. Doesnt seem to have any obvious areas of contact. The smell is definitly coming out of the muffler as thats where the odor is strongest 20 minutes after letting the bike cool. Engine case and cylinder surface temps checked with laser temp guage shows anywhere from 170-210 degrees F. I mention that because I dont know what is normal so any thoughts would be appreciated.

So here are my questions:

1. Why the rubber-like smell?

2. Should I expect areas of heat damage on the plastic bodywork close to the engine? If not any thoughts to what is causing it?

see pic of which area I am talking about that seems to be gettign heat damage.


Any help you can give me would be great.