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Thread: 2009 BMW R1200RT - Front Signal Light Lenses

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    2009 BMW R1200RT - Front Signal Light Lenses

    Good Evening and Seasons greetings,

    The next issue that I want to tackle is removing and replacing the front signal light lenses. Went to the technical pages, but there wasen't really anything there and thought someone could give some guidance. What I am wanting to do is change out the clear lense to the amber lense.


    Guess my question has been answered in that one literally has to take the whole dash apart in order to get at the lenses. I am at the stage where I have the clear lens clear of the holding screws, but there is no wiggle room to manoeuvre the lens out to put the amber one back into place. Time for a glass of red wine

    Secondly, glad to see the site is back up and visible. Looks good.
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