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Thread: America's Most Beautiful

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    America's Most Beautiful

    For the past few years, Lake Tahoe has been the home of America's Most
    Beautiful Bike Ride. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is probably the biggest
    single participant in the ride. This year, there were 3,700 riders entered and
    they raised something like $7 million dollars.

    For our part, three of us road the route keeping participants in a single file
    line (the roads are not closed) and generally making sure those who needed
    SAG got it.

    This year, Saturday was a gorgeous day and I think many expected Sunday
    to be the same. Instead, it was windy and unseasonably cool. It was a very
    long day for many people. Consider the ride starts at 6:30 and the last
    finisher crossed at 5:30. The ride is 73 miles around the lake with the
    toughest climb coming 13 miles from the finish.

    I rode around the lake twice and up and done the Nevada side a couple of
    times for a total of 210 miles. All told, a little over 800 there, around
    and back.

    I can't explain the motivation that drives so many to participate.
    I will say that for me, it's pretty much the dedication so many of these riders
    have to the battle against Leukemia and seeing the pictures hanging
    from the seats and the posters supporters hold tells the story much better
    than words.

    The ride home was cold. By 0830, it was still in the 30's and windy. I didn't
    take my electric vest off until I was in Coloma. I didn't envy the GS driver
    who started up at 0600 and headed off (ps. CO plates on an yellow 1150 at the
    Econlodge in South Lake Tahoe).

    A few pictures.

    All good road trips usually start with a good meal. I like to start at Kal's.
    Good meal, reasonable price.

    Looking back toward Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe--look at all that snow!

    A shot from the finish area.

    On the ride home, I stopped at Coloma. It's a State Park dedicated to the
    discovery of Gold. Just an obligatory bike pic.

    The real reason I ran down Highway 49 was to get to Ikeda's. Home of
    one of the best burgers in town--the town of Auburn. If you find yourself
    there, the milk shakes and pies are pretty darn good too!

    If you've not done an event like this, it is a lot of riding. Some of it
    slow. But it was fun and should I be asked again, I would do it again.


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    Very cool and a great cause. Nice pics too

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    Awesome Photos.... And For A Great Cause.....Thanks For Sharing.....

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    I have done a few things for the Lukemia society over the years. I lost a sister to it. Thanks for helping out and thanks for the great pictures.
    Gale Smith
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    Nice job, Ian. Leukemia is a horrific disease.
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    A friend of mine is a Lymphoma survivor and has ridden the ride the last two years. Nice of you to help out and awesome photographs as usual. Mmmm... Milkshakes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxergrrlie
    A friend of mine is a Lymphoma survivor and has ridden the ride the last two years. Nice of you to help out and awesome photographs as usual. Mmmm... Milkshakes!
    Thanks all for the comments.

    I stopped to talk with many of the riders one of whom has been in remission
    just a year. Most are riding for someone.

    I don't know if this adequately explains it but it seems to be the strength
    of this bond helps them through the event.


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