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Thread: Anyone else going to STAR 2013 in Lexington, KY?

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    Anyone else going to STAR 2013 in Lexington, KY?

    Is anyone else a member of the MSTA, Motorcycle Sport Touring Association? I can't make the BMW MOA rally due to distance and lack of vacation time, this is closer to me here in the South East.

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum to list this in but I didn't think it would fall under the Rally forum since it isn't a BMWMOA rally.

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    I'm a long time MSTA member, from Indy.
    Dunno if I'll go to STAR or not. It's pretty much in my backyard and will cover roads that I have ridden many times before.
    Might go down for a day.

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    I saw that listed, and was thinking about it..I live in Cincy, so it's just down the road. But then I looked at the web-site and it says do not call the motel for reservations, you [must] register for the rally first?....I don't like that. I'm surprised if the hotel is going along with that. I mean hell what if a non-rally'r just wants a room for the night? Are they going to turn them away? Does MSTA have the whole hotel blocked?

    I might call the hotel, if they'll give me a room on the date. I'll check it out this year, then maybe plan for future rallies.

    If it's a different rate?...then that's fine. My choice,but I'm not buying the need to register , just to stay....anywhere.

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    Don't know about this rally but for MOA local gouging isn't rare (just like for NASCAR events, football games, etc)- so if yo're willing to stay at a place a distance away or not affiliated with the rally you might save a few $.

    Smaller events attened by 30-200 people are often able to lock up motels at a lower than normal rate by taking the whole place when the business would otherwise get scattered in a group of competing motels.

    So how big is this event and what is being at "rally central" worth to you?

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    yeah I hear what your saying, and agree. I've just never heard of a rally registration being [tied] to a motel reservation,..other than a lower price in some cases. Or a complete hotel being rally only. Which I suppose the hotel would tell you if you call?
    But for my first year, I'd rather go ala'carte . Then if it becomes a 'wanna-do-again' jump in with both feet the next time...

    Rally central is nice..but not a huge deal, too me.

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    RE: Anyone else going to STAR 2013 in Lexington, KY?

    My rate after registering is $89/night. Looks like without the MSTA rate it's closer to $164/night.

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    I live ~ 1.5 hrs east of that rally.No plans to attend for now but never heard of them or it either... I can suggest other lodging choices in the general area-there are many. How many go to these things? There are much better rides(far more areas of interest too) in KY than whats listed in their web page about that rally. PM me if you have ? about the area or riding here.

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    Just might do it as I've never been to one and this would be an easy "commute" on some roads I haven't been on. What can you tell me about the event? What goes on and is it worthwhile?


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    its a great motorcycle organization. years ago it was known as the honda v-4 , then honda sport touring then msta since so many other makes were in the club.

    thats a link to the 1999 annual rally that was covered by speedvision. they do negotiate a hotel rate for members who are attending.
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    The RA rally will be at the Builtmore the weekend before. The BMW Sportstouring UN Rally will be in NC the same time as the STAR
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