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Thread: Thermostat gaskets replacements?

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    Thermostat gaskets replacements?

    I decided to test the thermostat in my 1990 K75 while doing some other services. It passed fine, but the old gaskets could stand to be replaced. There are two: a special sized O-ring which seals the thermostat cover/retainer (which is available from BMW), and a grooved square-sided gasket which covers the edge of the thermostat "disk" and seals it in the thermostat housing (therefore it must be exactly the right dimensions). THAT gasket appears to only be available with a new thermostat ($55.00!!) according to the on-line BMW parts listings! Does anyone have a known source for a replacement thermostat body gasket? Thanks.
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    Great question! Right before your post I was reconditioning the cooling system my ‘«÷92 K75 (bought new) and bought a thermostat along with hoses, etc., before the job. With 3 K75‘«÷s I would like to have spare parts that I know were working. I had intended on searching for a cheaper thermostat replacement, preferably one that fails open, but opted for the original. The original thermostat gasket was elongated by 15-25% and in terrible shape. It was probably only sealing at the 4 hold down points of the access bracket.

    I figured if I had to use one without a gasket, I would use a suitable cooling sealant on one side (bottom) and then hopefully forget about it for another 20 years. May be wishful thinking, but $55 thermostats do that.

    I haven‘«÷t helped in your search, but am very interested in your responses/replies.Thanks for bringing up the question. Please let us know what your solution if Plan A doesn‘«÷t work out.

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