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Thread: Ralley 3 Suit - How often do you wash it?

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    Ralley 3 Suit - How often do you wash it?


    I bought a BMW Ralley 3 suit in July 2011, some 47,000 km ago. In that time I have washed it exactly once. Basically, I have been too lazy to take the pads out more than once.

    Just wondering how often people wash their riding suits.

    I expect most people are more diligent than I am.

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    Dave McDougall
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    I ride Aerostich Darien, and the pads are very easy to remove and reinstall.

    GS models don't have much for fairings, I also ride a lot off-pavement, and live in warm climes, so I wash it at least twice a year and re-waterproof it every other wash.

    Sound like you really rack up some distance, so maybe are not as often.

    Does it smell?

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    Wash it to when dirty.

    To me logic says wash it when your ashamed to wear it. Dirt imbedded in the material will damage a suit and the threads will break down. I wash my stuff when dirty. Follow directions on the tab about this matter. Washing takes some of the newness out of the garment... but once it has been soiled it is not new anymore anyway.
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    When it starts to stink

    I wash my Rallye 3 suit when I can't stand it anymore or after some exceptionally dirty riding. You're right, the pads are a pain to remove so, between washes, I use Febreeze, let it air dry and I'm good for the next ride. Besides, if you ride in the rain, instant wash. Same philosophy as Ian, it probably gets washed 2-3 times a year. Good luck sir.

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    Does it smell?

    No, it doesn't smell.

    I do ride it in the rain so I guess that would have some washing effect, at least on the exterior of the garment.


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    Ralley 3 Suit - How often do you wash it?

    I wash it at the end of the year after the snow flies. I do hose it off when I wash the bike if it's been a muddy ride.

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    Rally suit washing,
    Had mine two years now, grew tired quickly of removing pads when washing. Now just throw suit in wash gentle cycle double rinse using Woolite. Never use dryer, air dry on patio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 141987 View Post
    Just wondering how often people wash their riding suits.
    Dave McDougall
    2011 R1200 GS
    Usually only once a year, after I return from my (mostly) annual longish tour. Since I wear an Aerostich Darien and always have jeans underneath, it never actually touches the skin and so gets less dirty/smelly/oily. However, if the suit gets stained somehow (bird droppings, grease spot, etc.) I use a commercial spot-remover and wash the entire suit. Mine currently has almost 150,000 miles and still looks good in its original Hi-Viz yellow.
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    I also wash my Aerostich stuff about once a year. Wash, wash again without soap, wash a third time with wash-in Nikwax waterproofing. I usually do this some time in the fall so the waterproofing is fresh for the winter. It needs cleaning by then, anyway.

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    BMW Rallye 3

    I generally wash mine once a year -- usually at the end of the riding season before I put it in storage. That said, I've washed it earlier in the case of a very long trip in >100 degree F weather and the suit got a bit "ripe" so I did my annual washing and dry at the end of August.


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