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    Scooter forum

    Where did the scooter forum go (its scooter time) as when I go and click on the link it says I do not have permission
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    Quote Originally Posted by 43362 View Post
    Where did the scooter forum go (its scooter time)
    It has graduated to a forum of it's own. The sticky (re-direct) was left to link you to the Scooter forum or you can just check on down the main forum for it. Enjoy.....OM
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    My bad, guys! I just figured out that the permissions were set wrong. I think it's up now. Post here if there's still a problem.
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    Rode 245 mi on the great 650GT on Sat 12-22 12. I was really impressed with the bike. Wind protection was as good as my 2010 K1300GT. The ride was great with the suspension working very good on tar strips and ripples. Big bounces was not as good at speed. Acceleration was impressive in the mountains passing cars. (Phoenix) It went through curves at same speed as my 1300GT. Needed the grip heaters and seat heater- below 50deg. only complaint was gas mi-48MPG. Never a wobble in curve, straight or wind. Now I'm really interested in th 800GT. If they engineered it as good as this one I will buy.
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