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    Rode up and got the seat yesterday and then rode home on it. All I can say is, whoa, what a difference. I went from being fairly uncomfortable after an hour even wearing bike shorts to riding all the way home only stopping for gas once and to use the restroom, maybe scootching around once or twice, in 250 miles. Like night and day.

    They also modified my seat further for my comfort after I sat on it, based on different riding positions, to increase the size of the backrest slightly so that it actually provides a little more support when I'm leaning back. I highly recommend the ride-in process for those who can do it, not only was the process and tour very cool, but I got to go ride over and do the tour at the Shasta Lake Dam & hydroelectric plant, etc.

    The legs all the way forward position is now the preferred position I think, for me, and completely comfortable, I am confident I will have no problem riding back and forth to L.A. on the bike now.

    I took just a few photos while I was there, showing what the seats look like under the covers including the foam they insert to adjust size in each direction, the spring they use (without the bar in it), and my seat before the cover was put on (first one in the sequence below). I'll take a pic or two of the finished bike tomorrow and post that up as well.
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