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Thread: turn signal relays.

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    turn signal relays.

    So, I'm hunting a replacement turn signal relay for my 1977 r75/7. Now, I've found some that are 'official BMW' for about 100 bucks.

    which in my mind is 20 buck for the relay, and 80 bucks for the BMW logo.

    anyone know of a cheaper way to do this?

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    I used a Tridon relay I got at autozone for 10 bucks. Do a search on here and you'll find instructions. Was very easy and very cheap.

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    There are a couple of options:
    1. order another relay from Motobins (for about 1/2 the cost, with a 2 week wait):
    2. get some 1/4" spade connectors, wire, and crimping tool to make some jumpers to use a Tridon EL13 or HD13 flasher relay - some of the details are here:

    The replacement EL13 model has only three leads (no ground) and should be zip-tied or otherwise secured in the spot for the flasher relay. Snowbum's site also talks about using a Tridon EL13 (or HD13) flasher relay:

    The tridon website in Australia has some wiring diagram information for the HD13 (which has the same connections as the EL13) flasher:

    Good luck!

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