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    Project bike

    So I have a 1980 R100RS completely apart. The 5-speed transmission, final drive andrear wheel have been rebuilt by Kansas City BMW. The engine probably needs some top end work (mostly clean-up). the frame and subframe have been powder coated. All parts are in my garage, some need rebuilding-forks brakes, etc. an interested party looking for a project bike ask me to name a price. All the rebuilt parts have zero miles on them. Any suggestions?

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    So, it sounds like you've already spent a fair amount of $$$'s on the restoration yourself, including having the tranny, drive and wheel professionally rebuilt, plus the powdercoating.

    It's been said on this board many times, you don't restore or fix up an airhead thinking that you'll recoup your money, because you won't.

    Does the buyer want to put it back together and ride it, or is he just going to part it out? That'd be a great option for him, since it's already all apart. What kind of shape is the fairing in? If it's not cracked up and has decent paint, that's also a factor.

    In my very humble opinion, I don't see how you could ask any more than between $2K and $3K, given that the bike is currently apart, is not running, and still may require rebuild on other parts.
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    This may give you an idea.
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    RE: Project bike

    I agree on not being able to recoup your time and effort, not to mention any money spent to bring a project to life. It is simply your dream and often ignored or under appreciated by others. I still feel that I could have made a healthy down payment on a 1600 GT for what I have wrapped up in a lowely R60/6. I assume the only reason that I continue to flog a dead horse is that my 18 YO daughter expresses interest in keeping it going. She has a little brand X sport bike, but thinks the R60 "Rocks" in her words. Therefore I continue to entertain both of us as to the joy of an airhead. I am sure there is someone waiting in the wings to poach my efforts if it does not come to fruitation. Do not be quick to sell. However for your own sake, do not give it away.

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    Do not know if this will help or not, but I recently met a gentleman with much the same situation. He is rebuilding a 77 R100S. The engine has been rebuilt by one of the best airhead mechanics in St. Louis and converted to un-leaded gas. The complete drive train has been gone through, and cases and wheels bead-blasted to look like new. The frame has been stripped and repainted (not power coated), along with the front fender, seat frame, rear fender, S type fairing, and the gas tank will be painted next. The fairing is an aftermarket, but a good copy. There are no gauges, the exhaust will be new aftermarket, the tires are old, but look like new. The seat is a Corbin leather (Gunfighter). He will have over $6K in it when he is done, but would take that for the bike then. He did not quote me a price to take it as-is, but he suggested that he would take less if all he had to do is paint the gas tank. His paint work is excellent, some of the best I have seen. I figure I could get the bike for about 5K since I would still have to assemble it and buy the exhaust system and windscreen. Hope this helps.


    PS, I am waiting until the bike is done to make my decision, but I will probably buy it.

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    Good that you used "rebuilding" because "restoring" never ever includes aftermarket parts.
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