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what anybody else says is pointless
not in my case. i appreciate hearing other peoples' advice, and several of the replies to my original question have given me a few things to consider that i had not thought about. i certainly don't know it all, and in this case, i know very little.

when i last rode bikes (i had several old harleys since 1975 and a '76 R75/6 for most of the 80s but sold them all in '92 to raise a family) helmet choices were a lot more limited and the one FF helmet i was given by a friend was not much more than a shell with minimal padding, no ventilation and a flimsy shield. but i mostly used an old half-shell police helmet or went helmetless.

now that i have rejoined the ranks of motorcyclists, the helmet choices are much more diverse, and i benefit from seeing what other peoples' experiences are.