hi all,

i wanted to ask of the near-sighted among us - did wearing glasses factor in to your decision on which helmet to buy?

i went to revzilla's store-front (i live near by) with the intention of buying a modular helmet but the guy talked me into a regular full-face helmet. he said the flip-up ones are not as safe, and they are also heavier.

i tried a few on and went with the bell RS-1 because it fit the best.

now i am having second thoughts because it's a PIA having to take my glasses off to get the helmet on. i also like the internal sun-visor feature found in a lot of the modular helmets.

has anybody here bought a modular helmet mainly for eye-glasses reasons? i am thinking about taking the RS-1 back and getting a nolan N104.

thanks in advance for your time and advice,