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Thread: K75S Clutch Spline Lube Reveals Oil in Intermediate Housing

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    K75S Clutch Spline Lube Reveals Oil in Intermediate Housing

    This afternoon Jeff488 & I pulled the transmission off of my '88 K75S. We immediately noticed oil around the walls of the intermediate housing. Not on the clutch, and not on the transmission. It seems to be engine oil coming from maybe the Rear Main Seal? Oil was not pouring out, it was just coating the walls and the bottom.

    We have a couple questions:
    1) Is this if immediate concern? Can the bike be ridden for another 25K before replacing the rear main seal (if that is the problem), or should this absolutely be fixed before the bike is ridden another mile?

    2) Can the rear main seal be replaced from outside the engine if we pull the clutch off?

    Also, we happened to remove the clutch release arm and about 1/2 oz of oil spilled out of the boot. Should we be concerned about that?
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