Howdy all... here's a nice opportunity if the tires on your GS need changing.

The GS Giants have been lining up to test tires and wouldn't you know it... everyone wants knobbies!!!

We've got 3-4 more sets of the more street-biased GS tires available for testing, for 650 singles, F800s and R1200s and older oilheads. We could probably chase up something for airheads, if that's your fancy. Just click that link above to see what's available.

The tires are ready to ship now, ideally they'll arrive before Christmas if you reply TODAY. We'll need you to mount time, ride them at least 1,000 miles, and write a very short (100 word) review, take some pics and complete a form that I'll give you

Please send me a PM here if you're interested, but at the same time, if you'd like to join the GS Giant's we'd be glad to have you!