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Thread: 2001 K1200RS Throttle Cable Change, No Cruise Control

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    2001 K1200RS Throttle Cable Change, No Cruise Control

    I'm looking for advice for changing out my throttle cable, since it's been stretched by the PO after installing bar backs. The brake line has already split due to the tension from stretching it too far, and I notice the RPM's increase when the wheel is full to the right, so I am sure the throttle cable is overstretched also.... Planning on riding to the Oregon National Rally this coming July, so I'd like to get this changed out before having to worry about it on the trip.
    As I look at the cable at the grip, it appears to only have one cable going to the grip, which was confirmed at the dealer when I ordered the new cable.... I also ordered the GT cable since it's supposed to be a bit longer.... I've change the cables on previous Jap bikes, so I am wondering if there are any tricks or things to worry about on the 01 model... I've reviewed a lot of articles on the forums concerning 02 and newer, but haven't been able to come up with anything on the 01 model without cruise....
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated... I do have a Climers manual to work with, but generally do better with advice from seasoned mechanics to help illuminate "things gone right", tried and true methods....

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    As I recall, the Clymers is pretty reasonable on this model. I have changed mine with a stock replacement and it was relatively easy. There will be a colorcoded wrap that shows where it is clipped to the fan housing if I remember correctly, mine is green. But, if you start from the top and fish the new one along side the old one before actual removal, it can help. For me, the hardest part was fishing the end piece into the spring loaded mount at the bottom at the throttle body area. You have to rotate the throttle mechanism to expose the slot for the barrel end, then get the barrel inserted, ensure it stays there and then get the end of the housing into its proper mounting location. All without kinking the cable. I think if you have a way to hold the throttle mechanism open once you rotate it, that will be a big help.
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