Just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you in advance for the advice, knowledge, understanding and camaraderie that this forum and seeing you out on the road will bring. I just bought a 2004 R1150RT-P and have made several long distance rides between Los Angeles and San Francisco and I'm loving this machine!!

I got the RTP mainly because the price was hard to beat and it had a long history of service records, but I'm dealing with the knowledge that the bike was probably abused and the previous owner flopped the bike over a few times before selling it to me (scuff marks on the valve covers, and chrome police frame)

So, here I am in San Francisco, miles from home and the bike just won't start, lights come on strong, starter clicks in, but barely turns over. I replaced the battery with a fresh one when I bought the bike, and for a while the bike would start every time. Now, it's just dead. I'm thinking alternator? slow drain on the battery because of all the police stuff that got yanked out. there's a brown wire running from the lighting tree up front to the fuse tray that looks like it heated up and melted the plastic off of.
And to add to it, when the key is in the ignition, and turned to the on position, the horn blares until I turn the key off and remove the horn fuse, then I can attempt to start the bike.

ha, is this just the gremlins getting back at the bike for all those speeding tickets it gave out during it's life in police service??