Sorry for the long post. On long stretches I enjoy listening to music through my bikes entertainment system via Sena SMH10 blue tooth helmet system. Up until now I've plugged a thumb drive into the bike's audio system. In doing this, songs play in a specific order starting at the same first song every time I restart the bike. I'm forced to skip ahead using the Muti-Controller so that I don't have to listen to the same songs every time. To get around this I purchased a SanDisk/Sansa Clip Zip. When I plug it into the bike via USB connection it only charges. When I plug it into the bike via jack I'm back to the same specific order issue and the Multi-Controller doesn't work. Without creating multiple playlists etc. is there anyway I can shuffle my entire music collection without starting at the same first song and retain the ability to skip songs via the Multi-Controller? Obviously I can't access the Sansa Clip while riding. Any help will be appreciated.