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    Wimpy Electric GLoves

    I have a Synergy Electric Jacket and Gloves with a new synergy dual controler. One knob controls the gloves and jacket and the other - pants and socks.

    The jacket is great but it seems like I have to crank the jacket way up to get the gloves to throw off any heat. Is that normal or are the gloves flakey?

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    Don't know about that brand but it is common practice to use a dual controller with a glove/jacket setup because it is normal for the single setting not to be ideal for one or the other item.
    Generally, brands can interchange. I have both Gerbings and WarmNsafe jackets, Gerbings gloves and a Gerbings dual as well as a WarmNSafe remote dual controller. Any combo of them works fine..

    You can help out your heated grips and gloves with handguards to block wind. Barkbusters, Hippo Hands, etc- there are a variety. Handguards add 10 degrees worth of protection to the low end of any glove and Hippos Hands are much better than that if you like using them (I don't but I have friends who like them).

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