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Thread: Alternative Tachometer 77' 100/7

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    Alternative Tachometer 77' 100/7

    Simplifying a project 77' /7:

    Looking to replace the tachometer on my 100/7. Anyone know of any other same ratio, plug and play solutions? I'm mounting it elsewhere, so doesn't need to fit in the big top cluster. That big cluster is no more.

    I'd like to use something smaller, mechanical and doesn't need a light.

    ideas? - any info helps.


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    Welcome to the forum!

    Just today there was a mention of using a Harley tach:

    I also know of a product called Tiny-Tach that is used successfully on /2 machines which typically didn't come with tachometers.

    Those aren't mechanical tachs but would do the job.

    A note...I think you indicated that your big cluster is gone. You will need to consider the charge light which is in the cluster as it is in the critical path for the charge circuit. There are ways around it by adding a resistor in the appropriate place, but you will need something otherwise you'll be running a dead-loss system.
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    Alternative Tachometer 77' 100/7

    Thanks for the welcome Kurt!

    I had read the Snowbum Site post about the Gen light circuit reroute with the resistor. Thanks.

    Awesome help on the tach and much appreciated!


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    I've also seen electronic tachs on ebay that can be switched for any number of cylinders. They're not that expensive.

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