I'm out to make a the point that for my style of BMW riding & maintenance it's pretty cheap,knock on wood(so far I've never had to buy a really major part or assy. & I fully agree not everybody should even want to do their own maintenance but as I just reeled in some materials to get my bike ready for a long trip to MX & GT I bought: Mobil 1 tranny juice-$10.99qt,dino FD oil~$5-6 qt, Rotella T6 full syn oil-$21.96 gal, pair of Autolite plugs-$4-5, pt of dot 4~$3,pair of Michelin Pilot Road 2's-$273mtd,Bicimaps/Mexico-$75,5 dozen street "Tacos"-priceless,cheap Mexican hotels~ $20-35x30+nights,many gals of Pemex~?, as many coconut ice cream cones as I can lay my hands on~ $5.