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Thread: Heated Grip--left side fail

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    I am not doing anything at the handlebars/grips. I am suggesting you unplug the wire connector from the grips where it connects to the harness under the tank, usually at the front.

    Now each side of that two pin connector is exposed: on the grip side and on the harness/bike side.

    The brown wire is ground.

    Reading Ohms from one pin to the other on the grip side is resistance through the grip wire.

    Reading Ohms from the ground pin (brown wire) on the harness side to the battery negative terminal tells whether that is a good ground.

    And of course, reading VOLTAGE or using a test light on the 12v+ pin on the harness side tells if the power is getting that far.
    Paul --

    Just a note to sincerely thank you for your concise diagnostic instructions in this thread. My right heated grip on my R1100RSL didn't work (left was fine), I followed your steps and solved the problem without damaging / destroying anything thru potentially messy trial and error (problem was a broken lead wire near the heating element -- which I knew from doing your tests. I'm guessing that was the result of a wire getting stretched during the installation of bar backs any number of years ago).

    Now in the latter half of October in New Jersey, it's great having both grips hot when needed. Thank you!
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