I am considering buying Klim.

Having tried BMWs waterproof liner system (without fairing protection), I'm quite certain that an exterior Gortex product would be better for me.

May I ask why you selected the Latitude in lieu of the BP? Was it simply cost or were there other considerations?

QUOTE=garthw;845145]+2 on the Klim line.

I have tried the Aerostitch and although it is good quality it does not hold a candle to the Klim gear. I think the Latitude line would be what you are looking for. Good for cooler temps, vented nicely and comfortable up to about 85 degrees and 100% waterproof. It can be worn by itself. Aerostitch Darien is built and marketed as an over jacket that you would wear a liner under.

If you want waterproof go for something that is gortex in the outer shell (like Klim or Aerostitch Darien) and not through a waterproof liner.

Another thing all of this stuff is not cheap but you get what you pay for. I used my Klim Latitude gear for an Alaska trip this summer. Temps down to freezing and jungle level rains I was warm and dry. All I needed to add was a hoody or a heated gerbing jacket on the coldest days.

Buy decent stuff the first time and you will save hundreds of dollars in the long run.[/QUOTE]