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Thread: need opinions

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    One other thing to consider..... You may want your riding gear to also be your rain gear. Is the outer shell the waterproof part, or is it the inside liner?

    I wore some Olympia stuff for a year or two, and generally liked it. BUT... the liners were the waterproof parts, so in the summer I was either not protected from rain, or I was too warm.

    Personally I prefer the outer shell to be the waterproof part, and then I can layer under it however I want based on expected temps.

    I also prefer a pant liner that is worn as a layer, but not attached to the shell pant. I think it is easier to get on and off and move around if the liner is not attached to the shell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRoss View Post
    Personally I prefer the outer shell to be the waterproof part, and then I can layer under it however I want based on expected temps.
    I agree, and because of this I have to agree with Steve Aikens on the Aerostich Roadcrafter. I've used my RC from the mid-20s up to 104 F with high humidity and found it acceptable throughout this temperature range. I also like the one piece RC since it forces me to always wear the pants and creates less opportunity for rain to soak in. It is a nice feeling to know that no matter what the weather forecast is at the beginning of your ride you're covered for anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ralwhite View Post
    I'm in the market for a good quality riding jacket and matching pants. I don't ride in the winter so I'm looking for a jacket that will provide decent protection and is waterproof and versatile so I can use it in the summer and temps down to 40's or so . Any suggestions?
    If your talking just day trips then maybe a nice mesh with the water/wind proof liners. They are safe/versatile. If you get wet on a day trip no big deal or pop the liners in and stay dry. You are going "home" anyway. My Firstgear mesh suit was $225 and works really well. For multi-day rides my choice is a waterproof shell and layers underneath. Aerostich Roadcrafter 1 piece for local trips and a Roadcrafter 2 piece jacket matched to the Darien pant works for multi-days. Both are custom fitted and $800 per. They work fantastically well and I need for nothing. If I could afford the Rukka and BMW gear and could FIND SOMETHING THAT FITS ME sure. Why not?
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    jacket and pants

    ++1 on the Aerostich Darien. I have two sets - One set of regular and one set of the lights. Don't need a liner for it to be waterproof. It is Gore-Tex and water doesn't go through it. My wife has another brand but she will soon have the Darien stuff. Can't say enough good about the quality. Great protection in the shoulders and elbows with lots of storage in the jackets.

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    Riding Jacket and Pants

    After experimenting with less expensive riding gear combinations, I decided to go for some higher quality (also higher priced) gear.

    My summer outfit is the BMW Airshell Jacket with BMW Venting Machine Pants or BMW City Denim Pants. These are not waterproof, so I use a Revit Rain Suit when I encounter wet weather. For me, this summer outfit combination is fine from temperatures of 75-110 degrees F, combined with 90% humidity.

    My fall/winter outfit is a Richa Jacket that is both waterproof and resists dirt/stains. This jacket is also a phase change material that adjusts the warmth/cooling to the ambient temperature. I wear BMW Streetguard 3 Pants that are waterproof and also have the phase change material construction. The reason I went with these BMW pants was because the Richa pants did not fit me right. They were too constricting in the hip and crotch areas. I have not tried this gear without the liners, but with the liners, the temperature comfort range is from 75 degrees to 30 degrees F.

    I would like to find just one suit that would accommodate all riding temperatures, but where I live, it is too hot/humid in the summer. That means I must go with the mesh gear in the higher temperature/humidity combinations.

    Those of you in cooler/less humid climates may be able to get by with just one suit (such as, Aerostich). I have discovered that temperature affects riders differently from one individual to another. I can tolerate the heat better than cold, while my riding buddies have an opposite reaction. I have yet to find riding gloves that keep my hands warm below 35 degrees. I have resisted the heated gloves because I don't want the wires that string out from them and possibly interfering with steering, braking and clutch operation.

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    Aerostich Darien ++++++

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    Riding Gear

    Everyone likes the jacket they are wearing or gets another.

    I would add that getting high visibility gear is a jump forward in safety.

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    Stupid title for a thread. Just my opinion!!

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    I bought my first Aerostich 2-piece Roadcrafter back in 1992. It was replaced in 2005 with the same.

    Back then, the Aerostich Roadcrafter was the answer to a lack of choice in motorcycle gear.

    Fortunately, motorcycle gear has come a very long way since then and the Aerostich is very long in the tooth design-wise. Its a good product, but there are far better now. Would I buy another if I could go back in time to 2005? Nope!

    There are high quality brands such as Stadler and Halvaarsons to name a couple.

    It all depends how serious you are about quality, safety and comfort. Good gear costs, but it performs and lasts.

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    Thumbs up

    OLYMPIA X-Moto jacket and pants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ralwhite
    I'm in the market for a good quality riding jacket and matching pants. I don't ride in the winter so I'm looking for a jacket that will provide decent protection and is waterproof and versatile so I can use it in the summer and temps down to 40's or so . Any suggestions?
    +2 on the Klim line.

    I have tried the Aerostitch and although it is good quality it does not hold a candle to the Klim gear. I think the Latitude line would be what you are looking for. Good for cooler temps, vented nicely and comfortable up to about 85 degrees and 100% waterproof. It can be worn by itself. Aerostitch Darien is built and marketed as an over jacket that you would wear a liner under.

    If you want waterproof go for something that is gortex in the outer shell (like Klim or Aerostitch Darien) and not through a waterproof liner.

    Another thing all of this stuff is not cheap but you get what you pay for. I used my Klim Latitude gear for an Alaska trip this summer. Temps down to freezing and jungle level rains I was warm and dry. All I needed to add was a hoody or a heated gerbing jacket on the coldest days.

    Buy decent stuff the first time and you will save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

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    finally got it

    After mulling things over I finally picked up a BMW Mottorrad Comfort Shell jacket today. It's awesome. I think I'll be very happy with it as it's waterproof and is designed for the Spring through Fall seasons. The Comfort Shell jacket is no longer being produced and was replaced by the Tour Shell jacket which for me seemed too heavy. I ended up getting a great deal on it too since it's discontinued. I couldn't find a dealer that stocked Klim Latitude jackets so I didn't get to see one in person. They offered to order one in for me to try but I didn't want to feel obligated. Thanks again to all for your replies.

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    Tourmaster Transitions 3

    Very happy with my Tourmaster Transitions jacket. I use it in the winter here in Cali, not too cold mind you, and it keeps me warm down to about 45 degrees. Spring/summer the liner comes out and it works great then as well. Also very affordable, got mine at Cycle gear. Good luck,
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    For summer wear I wouldn't consider a "coat," i.e. anything that's going to touch my thighs when I'm seated. Instead I like a short jacket that zips to my pants.

    Yes, I understand this is maybe more the sportbike look than the GS look, but I'm not into self-punishment in the name of style.

    And, I wouldn't look for "waterproof" either, instead just own a rainsuit that fits over. Too hot with permanent rain protection IMHO.
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    Thumbs up Motoport mesh, etc....'ll never get them on this forum....

    Highly recommend the Motoport jackets & pants...check 'em out!!!! California company.
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