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    Arkansas to Alaska

    Live in Arkansas - ride a 2011 rt 1200. Interested in making the trek to Alaska. Any thoughts on taking a RT to Alaska? Wonder if I'd be better off flying up and renting a GS there?

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    It's been done before, and you can also include roadglides, goldwings, ST's, ect.

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    I rode my 2010 RT in 2010 from Wisconsin to Tok, AK, then down to Anchorage, Homer and finally back home (via the 2010 MOA Rally). Shouldn't be a problem. Just take it easy on the last 100 miles of the Yukon from Burwash to Beaver Creek, if you're taking the Alcan. Lots of frost heaves and pot holes.
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    RT to North Shore!

    READ the story of RT guy riding the HAUL ROAD a few years back in the BMW'ON Mag. Great story if you can find it, maybe the 'ON archives? NOW thats an RT to Alaska story not to be missed.....RTs can do about anything, it appeared. Randy

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    RT to Alaska

    I live in OK and ride a 2012 RT, lets go next year.
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    I am in North Texas and would intersted in traveling with a couple of folks.....dropped him a pm on his plans.....I am game. My ride is a 2011 RT

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