I was looking for a way to get in some good riding after the MOA Rally. I have been in communication with the owners of High Desert Adventures in Prineville, OR ( to see about them running a tour on the heels of the Rally. If you check out their ride reports on ADVRider you can see that they put together fun events. I told them that I would try and gauge interest in the idea of putting together a tour geared to those visiting OR for the MOA Rally in Salem.

Also, for those interested, I would like to see preference for doing a more hard-core tour (which would favor renting smaller dual-sports) or a tour that is big-bike friendly. My preference is a small bike tour, but I am willing to go along with the majority on this.

So, whos interested and what type of tour is your preference?

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with High Desert Adventures; I am just looking to see if we could put a fun post-rally event together.