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Why not just put some new rings in and break them in.
I'm not sure the bike was running that "fine". I was getting pinging once in a while and have a few scares with valves closing up...or at least I thought they might have been. And there has always been this concern in the back of my mind about running on the original valves and seats...I had the feeling that it was a time bomb. I'd rather not have that in the back of my mind...I want to enjoy riding.

I think there is enough wear that the piston is going to be sloppy in the bore and even if I could go to some new rings, it just wouldn't be as tight as it should be. I'd be back to that worry mode.

I went up to BMW today to price cylinders, pistons, and wrist pins. Without even trying to match up the right size parts, I was well north of $2500. So, I'll be calling Ted next week and ordering a kit from him to finish this out. Matching parts and lighter...I'll certainly have less to worry about.