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Thread: Anonymous Help From Willie in Knoxville

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    Anonymous Help From Willie in Knoxville

    I wanted to pass along that this past month I found myself in the greater Knoxville, Tn area with some friends and one of them developed bike troubles. Even though it was not my bike, and it wasn‘«÷t a BMW for that matter, I got out my trusty Anonymous and dialed a local number. I came upon ‘«£Willie‘«ō who arrived with a flat-bed trailer and schlepped us off to a repair shop. Then he hauled my friend to a local hotel while we rode our bikes. This is why I remain a member and a rider. People like Willie and helpful organizations like our MOA sure makes touring around easier. BTW, Deals Gap, surrounding area, and many roads in Ky were fabulous riding.

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    I wonder if this is the same Willie that was the train conductor for the Redmond rally back in '01??? I met him while riding to Redmond and we rode to the fairgrounds together. He was a great guy to talk with!

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