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Thread: post a pic of your scooter

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcrean View Post
    A better look at the box. It's a lot bigger than it needs to be. I can't feel any difference in the ride when it is on vs. off. As expected, the color panels make it look like it came with the bike, and it uses the same key.

    The top box looks good! Mine just came in today. I'll post a photo after it's installed during the 600 mile service...a week from this Saturday.

    What's all that white stuff on the ground?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScooterRaton View Post

    What's all that white stuff on the ground?
    Riff-Raff keeper-outer.
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    first day at work with the new bike.

    First day at work with my new Bike.

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    Here's mine, just over 4,000 miles since January 2013. Shad SH48 topcase on the way!
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    Sure OK

    After taking delivery in November.

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    Thumbs up My 15th bike err maxi scooter

    Just took delivery of a 2013, unfortunately the engine case had a porous housing, but fortunately for BMW's steller customer service they shipped me a new 2014 to replace it.
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    I like the black.

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    My Sport, camping load.


    At a rally in Maine Summer of 2014

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    My Wife's 2014 Highline with BMW top box the day we picked it up a couple of months ago.

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    Almost home from dealer...

    IMG_7525 (2).jpg

    Quote Originally Posted by 20774 View Post
    Shows us your scooter!

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    Hello everyone my name is Sean and live in the Atlanta metro area. I have been riding for 30+ years on many different bikes. I got the 650GT this year in February 2017 and broke in the engine during the spring, the photo is from last weeks 790 mile 3 day weekend ride. Just love this machine, and planning on many more!!


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    My C650GT

    Although I've always dreamed of working my way up to the 1800, I am so happy with this
    C650GT that I might even trade it in for a newer one. This one is a 2013. I bought it this spring with only
    50 km on it and now, in August it has over 6000.

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    My 2016 C650GT in Lassen Volcanic Park

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    New top & side cases!!!

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