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I managed to find an older copy of the Flea Market (nothing that I can post at this point, but I'll think about it...). Here's the title of listings that had R1200RT and seats in them. Any one of them ring a bell?

- Low Sargent heated seat/R1200RT - $425
- BMW R1200RT Heated Comfort Seat - $450
- R1200RT driver and passenger seats non-heated (says from 2005 model) - $200
- R1200RT heated seats (from 2012 but will fit back to 2005) - $400
- BMW Seat (fits 2005-2009) - $210
- R1200RT Front Standard Height Heated Seat (from a 2010) - $240
I'm pretty sure one of them said $150. I'll wait until flea market is back up. If push comes to shove, I'll send front out & just install my fuel cell.