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Thread: '07 r1200rtp

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    '07 r1200rtp

    Am I crazy to think I can remove the authority electric system? I want to remove the second battery, the unused wiring and switches,just clean it up. Anyone had any success at doing this? Or should I just leave it all in place.

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    RTP Electrical System

    I have an 06 RTP and decided to take on the aux. battery removal. Got down to the battery after removing all the body panels and fuel tank, now I am stuck. There seems to be little help upon the subject.
    It appears the battery has a charge relay located just below itself in the battery compartment. I thought of removing all the wiring leading back to the fuse box but the more I look the more difficult the project becomes. I suspect that removal of the battery will require removing the relay and isolating the battery terminals but I am afraid to do so as it appears two of the relay wire are from one of the body computers.
    At this point I believe I am going to put the whole thing back together with the battery in place unless I can find someone that can confirm my guesses. Seems too bad not to be able to find more information on how to make this a more civilized bike.

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    I took out the auxiliary battery, routed the cables under the tank, attached them to the main battery and left the timer delay relay in place. This way all the police wiring is energized and I can run my GPS and lights from it. Nothing has blown up yet.

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