I just got an put on a set of Touratech upper crash bars for my 2012 R1200GS and was wondering if anyone else had a set. I encountered two things I am bothered by.

First is that it took everything I had to get the clamps on around the lower crash bars. (also Touratech) I ended up having to put a strap on the upper bar and run it around my back and around my left shoulder so that I could put my full pressure on it to get the bar into place to get the clamp on. this is concerning to me. I would of course want them to be tight but what if I have to take them off? which is my second point.

I can't get the plastic cover (at least the one on the right) off with the bars in place. amongst other things this means that I won't be able to easily replace my air filter.

does anyone else have these is this experience similar to yours? or are mine bent.