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Thread: windscreens, buffeting and noise: my solution

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    windscreens, buffeting and noise: my solution

    I've owned a bunch of bikes, but I have never had a problem like I have had with my 2016 F7 when it came to finding a windshield that I would be happy with. Stock: Seriously? California Scientific: noisy. Givi AirFlow: noisy and buffeting at 55+. Finally, Madstad: no buffeting, still a bit noisy. On a whim, I fabricated two winglets and bolted them to the Madstad cowling. (see pics) Much less noise, no buffeting, and an adjustable screen for warmer days to boot. The winglets aren't gorgeous, but for five bucks worth of Lexan, two pieces of scrap aluminum, four bolts, and a bit of elbow grease, I can live with aesthetic issue!
    dyi winglets1.jpgdyi winglets2.jpg

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    Thumbs up ta-da!

    nicely done!
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    Interesting solution

    Had a Wee Strom that was the same way EXCEPT the Givi Airflow was fantastic: quiet and no buffeting. Then bought a 09 GS: Givi Airflow. Same thing: Quiet and no buffeting.

    Guess not so good on the F 700.

    Glad to hear you found the solution to your problem!
    Ride Well

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