Just purchased a used K1200GT.

I owned a brand new 2004 K1200GT back in late '04. Sold it after 3 years or so.
The 2004 had a cold start issue that was completely resolved under warranty with a CPU swap as I recall.

My, new to me 2003, has a cold start issue. Same as the 2004. Starts, establishes a sub 1,000 rpm idle and stalls, restarts and does same, will not take any throttle without bogging/stalling for 20-30 seconds. Affter a half minute or so, runs fine.

Original owner provided service history. Cold start recall repair was done back in 2004.

Does anyone know/remember the #s of the good and bad control units or have any other thoughts on the subject?

I did disconnect the battery and performed the throttle position reset procedure.
No help.