I've got a 1997 R850R and I'm thinking of replacing the rear seat with a rack or box of some sort. I've been looking into the 1100RTP police radio box, but that's not quite what I'm thinking of. I'd like to see a mid-late-90s R1100GS in person - has the same frame as my bike and I'd like to see how the rear "luggage carrier" is mounted. Anyone near the Seattle/Everett area with a mid-late-90's R1100GS willing to let me check it out? I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

Or, if anyone out there has replaced the rear seat of a '96-'97 R850R or R1100R please I'd love a response. I may resort to trying to fabricate a cafe-style tail box on a used pillion seat pan?

Thanks for your perusal.