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Thread: Best TB sync tool?

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    So, to be clear, even restricting the vac guages won't reduce needle movement to acceptable levels?
    I used to have a tech day at our house every spring. Lots of folks wanted to synchronize carbs or throttle bodies. I used to play a game. I would synch things by ear first, and then attach either my mercury sticks or Twinmax and see how close I got. I occasionally had to readjust the synch at idle but seldom readjusted the synch on the cables.

    I am fairly confident I can synch by ear a lot better than I could trying to use two vacuum guages. There are just too many better devices for balance: Carb Stix, Twinmax, Carbtune, Harmonizer, etc.

    If I had a use for a vacuum guage for other uses, I'd just get one. They are fairly cheap.
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    I have done the vacuum gauge thing. It does not work well for me. I used "snubbers" to keep the needles from wiggling so fast I could not see them. Then what I was reading was the average vacuum compared to zero or the atmosphere.

    When I had everything matched to watch the 4 gauges all read together was satisfying. This is different, only two cylinders.

    With any of the other gauges you are only comparing one side to the other. Much easier. I think more accurate.

    I just use a 6' stick and 20' of clear line with ATF in the U. It works on all my 2 cylinder bikes.


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    Lot's of high-tech stuff here.
    I'm still using my home made manometer with ATF in it.
    Seems to work quite well.
    Maybe I'm just cheap.
    No. Frugal. That's what it is; frugality. Sounds much better and is more easily defended.
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    Convincing arguments, thanks everyone for the schooling...
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    Ordered on Sunday evening, received today - Wednesday.
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